Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Treasure Hunt - Console Table

I need a console table and fell in love with the look of this one. It is from Restoration Hardware and costs a mere $1300 - let the treasure hunt begin!
Home Decorators just came out with this great knockoff for $570 (that includes shipping). I really like it but I think I might have found something better-
I found these columns at tablelegs.com that you can order in different heights - so I can get two of these at 24" high then put my dear husband Matt to work building a table top and bottom to attach them to. They come unfinished which means once the table is built I can easily stain it any color. With shipping, two of these columns are $350 so total cost for the table will probably be around $400. You could do a similar look for even cheaper if you used a skinnier column but I wanted the thickest I could find - this one has a 7 1/2 " width. I have to be more patient on the projects that require my husbands expertise so someday (hopefully soon) I will post the final results.

*UPDATE*  to see the final results on this table click here


  1. Ok, me again. I am not a stalker- I promise.

    But I just commented on the pick with the Halloween decorations and wanted you to know I DID think your sofa table was from Rest Hardware! Serious! I thought it was the same as the first pic! Great job!

    {FYI, you could submit it to "Knock Off Decor", I got a ton of traffic from doing that on a few of my own knock offs)


  2. I looked at table legs and can't figure out which column you ordered. Can you please advise? Thank you.

    1. If you click on the link in my post that says "I found these columns at tablelegs.com" it will actually take you to the exact page that I ordered the columns from. So just use my link above rather than typing tablelegs.com into your browser. Hope that helps!