Friday, January 28, 2011

Treasure Hunt - Lantern

I wanted to replace the very basic "builders grade" light fixture over my sink with something that had a little bit more presence and wow factor. I fell in love with this light at Ballard designs - however it is too big for over my sink and it is $300 (plus shipping - yikes!)
Love this one too from Pottery barn - however it is $400 and again too big
So I was thrilled when I struck gold and found a similar "lantern style" light (it is actually meant to be an outdoor porch light) from It was the right size (9in. across) and only $90.
The color was not quite right for my kitchen so I spray painted it black (black spray paint is always on hand at my house)

LOVE IT!!!! Here is the link if you are interested
They also sell it in a 12in size. It would look great over a table or in foyer as well. This is the "treasure hunt" part of decorating - it can be a whole lot of work (and time) to find something the right color/size/price but it is so rewarding when you do! One of the reasons I'm excited to do this blog is to share these little treasures with you!

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  1. I love the Lantern! It's beautiful! That's so great that you saw past the color and knew it would work with a fresh coat of black paint. Great work! I am dying to trade out our chandelier above our table but I am worried about a couple of things: the wiring (how difficult is it to trade out the fixtures) and then if a fan would look tacky there? I love the idea of cooling down the kitchen with a ceiling fan, but would a more modern piece look better? Amy, I could have a million questions for you...if you get time just email me. -Rach