Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have been looking for a bench for our entryway. I decided it would look best if the bench took up the whole length of the wall - which means it needed to be 6 feet. After some searching the cheapest 6 ft. bench I could find was this one from csnstores for $175. It is very basic but I figured with a cute paint job, some hardware accents, and some cushions it would be alright. Imagine my surprise when I found this exact bench on KSL - thankfully the person lived close by and I was able to pick it up for $100! Yeah ksl!
I started with a grey paint then painted on some of that crackle stuff, then did white paint. I wanted the bench to be the same color as the walls so that it didn't "stick out" or look to heavy in that spot. The top looked so cute I decided not to do a bench cushion right away and just stick with pillows - I may change my mind later.
Finally I went to my favorite store (Hobby Lobby) and picked up some hardware to spruce it up. You can see all my choices on the rug - I ended up going with a little M for the center with two crowns on either side of the "M". I stuck all the hardware on with command strips so it is removable.

My future plans for the entryway include wainscoting on the wall and once that is done I will hang a row of hooks above the bench.

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