Thursday, March 24, 2011

Field Trip - Kate's House

Anybody that checks this blog is obviously into decor (and not just into me - ha ha!) so I thought I would post some pictures of my sister Kate's house. This is her little girls room and I think it is darling. It makes me want a girl - mostly just for a change of decor! (j/k - kind of). Everybody in my family loves trim work projects and you can see the cute job they did on the white back wall of this room. She made the curtains and some of the bedding too.

The color on the walls is Glidden Champagne Sparkle.

She created this cute artwork herself - here's how: First she bought the canvas at a craft store. Then she painted them with toll paints. Next she printed off different silhouettes on her computer (you could use silhouettes of your children too). After cutting out the silhouettes she traced them onto scrapbook paper then cut the scrapbook paper out. Finally they were modpodged in place. You could also use scrapbook paper or fabric for the background and do a solid colored silhouette instead. Anyway they turned out darling, they coordinate with the decor, their one of a kind - and they were done for very little money! Creativity goes a long way in home decor!

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