Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recent Additions to Casablanca

I have been wanting to hang a couple wreaths on these double doors that are in our entryway and lead into the future den. I went to Tai Pan and found these cute wreaths for $15 (and happened to find a lot of other things too!). I got these hooks and ribbon from hobby lobby to hang the wreaths from (hooks were $3.50 half off).

I happened upon this cute little knocker at Tai Pan as well and added it to the back of my front door. I think I officially have something on every single door in my house. My work here is done - ha ha J/K.

Finally I fell in love with this large silver bell (also from Tai Pan, sorry but it was the only one I saw there). I hung it in our dining room near the back door. I never plan to call my children to dinner with it - I am dreading the day they realize that it rings, I know it will quickly become their favorite and most obnoxious toy in the house!

1 comment:

  1. We had a large bell just like that growing up. We got in BIG trouble if we rang it. My mom used it to call us in from outside. We could even hear it in the park behind my parents house!