Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Built-in Shelf Lighting

I love our new built-in shelf in the kitchen nook, but I felt like it created a bit of a dark cave.  I figured out how to easily add lighting (without calling an electrician).  Here's how:

I went to Home depot and found a these plug in puck lights.  A pack of 3 was $20.  It also came with an extension cord which was nice since I needed one for this project.  

Using a power drill with the pictured attachment I drilled a large hole in the wall at the top of the shelf.  Don't worry you can't see the hole since it is so high up.

Then I fed the extension cord into the hole and down the inside of the wall.

I placed the puck lights in front of the window like so, again you can't see any of this from below.

Next I drilled a hole in the wall near the electrical outlet and fished the plug out, then plugged it in!  I plan to get a timer as well so I don't ever have to reach back there to plug it in or take it out.  That way the lights will come on all by themselves.  The hole is conveniently covered by my secretary desk (which now can never move out of this nook!).  I figure in the event that we ever sell this house the secretary desk will just stay with the house.

And That's IT!  

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