Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Living Room Lighting

I'm slowly replacing the "builder grade" lights throughout my house with nice chandeliers and I am loving the one that I just hung in my Living Room.  It adds such a great amount of sparkle and glam without being over the top.  I also like that it adds a little separation and distinction to the 
piano side of the Living Room.  I purchased a celling hook so that I could swag the chandelier a little closer to the piano.  They sell these hooks at home depot near the other chandelier parts.

I purchased the chandelier (on the left) from overstock.com ($175) and is a pretty good knock off of the $400 pottery barn chandelier on the right.  You have to attach all the glass parts yourself - but that's worth the price difference in my book!

Here it is both turned on and off so you can see it both ways. 

Although it's a slow process - my house is transforming!


  1. Your living room is really coming along! I love the new light fixtures!

  2. Love overstock too! Everything looks great!

  3. Awe, I love everything! The color choices, the large finial! Where did you find that? I love your lighting choice, and the curtains and adorable!

  4. The white finial was a clearance item from zgallerie a few years ago.

  5. Crystal Chandelier are more than just light fixtures. They float in our living spaces and become part of our home decor. Like any home decor, the right chandelier can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room

  6. Thanks for posting this. i am looking at the chandelier for my kitchen counter (3 over it!) It's a 20 X 27 room. Worried it might be
    "too" much.

    1. How big is the kitchen counter they are going over?