Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Painted Leather Chairs!

I don't know if anyone else is interested in seeing more, but my sister was!  These are her chairs that she has owned for a while (she got them on clearance a few years ago for just $20!).  She was excited to give them an update especially when she realized the stencil and paint possibilities for leather!

Same basic process as before - you can read my detailed painting and stenciling instructions in this post.  The stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils.  It's called the "Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil,"  we used the x-small and small size stencils for these chairs.  The paint is once again from and is called angelus paint (made specifically for leather).  These chairs are not real leather but the paint works well on whatever the imitation may be!  The colors we used were mustard (since I already had that on hand) and  a custom "rust red" color (made by mixing cognac color with scarlet red).  The paint colors didn't give me any problems - mistakes wiped up pretty easily (YEAH!).

 After doing a few stenciled flowers my sister commented that she was pretty surprised by how easy the process really is - she said that after seeing my blog post when I did my barstools she thought it looked pretty complicated - but it's not!  Really!  For the smaller flower I used a sponge "spouncer" stenciling brush and for the large flower stencil I tried out a sponge roller - both ways worked great.   Again the trick to stenciling is in using very little paint!

We even stenciled the backs!

 And here they are in her Living Room!  The colors and pattern tie in great!

If you want more detailed instructions for stenciling leather chairs remember to check out this post.

*If your not sick of painted chairs - there will be another set of barstools done soon for my brother's house.  A whole new stencil and color so I'm excited!  *UPDATE* (click here to see how my brother's chairs turned out and all my painted leather barstool posts)


  1. I seriously need to stencil something! Wow it looks great! ALSO I just wanted to let you know I awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award today over at Living Savvy!

    Have a good weekend!


  2. Not at all bored with your stencil projects -- keep them coming! I'm actually trying to decide whether or not to use them in my laundry room. I'll probably have a post about it next week.

  3. I am in Utah too! I just stumbled onto your blog, so thrilled I did! What a great site. Happy to say I am a new follower and will be back soon for more! Xoxo.

  4. Awesome!! I LOVE your chairs!! I just painted some chairs today to as part of my Cutting Edge Stencil review and giveaway...I'm linking to you as another option for readers to see:-)


  5. Besides your originals, these are my favorite in the leather line. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I wish I had known sooner that you have a morroccan tile print stencil. You may be getting a phone call sometime in the future ;)! Love, love your style, Amy.

  6. Hi Amy! Ive recently given myself the task of furnishing and decorating my apartment on a MAJOR budget. I work and also go to school so I don't have tons of money left over for home furnishings but I really love the idea of filling my place with things that I love and perhaps made myself. I really really love this idea of painting leather! I managed to find a great pair of leather rolling chairs at my local Salvation Army for next to nothing but I would really love to paint them. I have heard of painting leather before and I see here that you are using specialized leather paint. Where did you manage to find it? I have also ready about mixing acrylic paint with water and polymer but I'm not sure how to go about trying that have you heard anything about that? Would love any extra insight you may have!


  7. The paint I use is called Angelus paint and is from Turtle Feather- an online company. For more detailed information you ought to check out all my painted leather chair posts, the link is in the sidebar. I have never used any other kind of paint so can't comment on how well anything else would work, sorry!

  8. Hi Amy! I love the look of these chairs! I would like to do something similar, but my chair isn't real leather. I would assume it is some type of vinyl.... not really sure. Are all of these chairs that you've done real leather? Do you think the paint that you used, would work on a faux leather surface as well?

    1. None of the chairs that I have painted have been real leather! So yes the paint works on real and synthetic leather.

  9. yeah only pic i saw of stenciling leather on great job