Friday, April 13, 2012

Easy DIY Abstract Art

So I needed to find a nice piece of abstract art to go on the mantel above the new fireplace.  I knew it was a treasure hunt that might take me a long time since it needed to be the right size, the right colors, and the right price.  A very tough combo!  This week I found a painting at Home decorators that was the right size and the right price (on clearance for $35) but the only colors in the painting were white, black, and grey.  Because of the great price I decided to bring it home anyway and see if just maybe it would be ok.


Once I put it up on the mantel my husband and I agreed it didn't work because it needed a bit more color.  Well I took a risk and thought maybe I would try adding color to it myself with some paint!  I was a little nervous since I have never attempted anything like this before (and I'm not an artist) but I quickly saw that this was actually very easy.  Some great things I had going for me -  I wasn't starting from scratch with a blank canvas (intimidating!).  It already was a nice piece of art that I only had to add very little to.  The other great thing was that this painting was not canvas - the painting was on wood and had a high gloss shiny protective coating so any paint I added could easily be wiped back off with a wet paper towel if I didn't like it.  Any paint I did like stuck just fine on this surface and stayed in place - my kids can't reach this high so there is no danger of the paint I added coming off.  The last thing going for me - it doesn't have to look like anything since it is abstract!  I basically just played around with some different paint, wiping on and off again, using different directions and brushes and really doing whatever I wanted until I felt like I was done.


I was so happy to find that you don't have to be an artist to create a unique and custom piece of abstract art.  BELIEVE ME - if I can do this ANYONE can.  I love that this way I could make it have the exact colors I wanted - and it was very cheap since I already had those paint colors in leftover paint cans!

I have a couple other spots in my house that need some big artwork and I am definitely willing to try this technique again if I need to!

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  1. It looks great! I love what you have done with your house!!!