Monday, April 16, 2012

Entryway and Hallway Changes

I just got a couple of these chandeliers from Ballard Designs for my Foyer.  Sadly I looked for them on their site to provide you all with the link and I couldn't find them anywhere!  I guess they are no longer selling them (maybe they will be bringing them back later)?  Anyway - now I'm really glad I got them because I've had my eye on them for a while and would have been sad if I just missed out on getting them!  

You may also notice we added a 3 piece crown at the top of the ceiling.  It doesn't stand out too much right now since everything is white but that will eventually change.
It's far from being called a transformation (because I plan on doing more to the walls - next year maybe) but it is a definite improvement!

 Lighting Before (Yikes!).  Although builder grade fixtures are cheap and ugly, if you are buying or building a home through a big builder I still recommend getting these ugly basics installed instead of upgrading through your builder for a more expensive "lighting package."  Even the expensive lighting packages lack a custom look.  I prefer being able to pick out different lights for each space and buy them from wherever I want.  After all they are such an easy thing to replace!  It's details like these that make your home look less like a "tract" home and a little more like "you".

We also added crown molding down the hallways.  I really put the trim guys to work all over my house since they were here anyway!


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  1. Your home is SUCH eye candy and inspiration for me! I'm loving watching everything come together..thanks for sharing :)