Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boys Bathroom Transformation

The trim work on the boys bathroom is complete and it is officially Matt's last trim work project.  It is the end of the "trim work" era for Matt and we are both near tears (for different reasons).  This is NOT the end of trim work projects around the house (they will just be done by someone else from now on). Basically he got a promotion at work and is too busy doing his "real" job (accounting), and would rather hire a trim guy to do their "real" job at our house.

My inspiration was my brother Jon and Kori's dining room

I decided however to have the trim be a different color than the walls (to make it easier I painted all the trim work before it was hung).  I liked this look for the boys bathroom because it kind of reminds me of a pinstripe suit.



I figured out all the math before hand and each of the spaces needed to be 17" apart so Matt simply cut two pieces of wood 17" long then used them as "spacers" between the rows.  He does good work!  If the accounting thing doesn't work out he has something to fall back on - J/K!

Thanks Tobi Fairley for the Feature!!

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  1. It looks amazing! I love the contrast of the trim work with the paint!