Monday, July 11, 2011

Outdoor Treasures!

So I have been looking at pictures like this all summer from the Pottery Barn magazine and loving the lanterns.  They have tons of different kinds of lanterns but all of them are expensive - no matter where you buy them!
  So today I about had a heart attack when I saw these 2 ft. tall lanterns at Shopko, original price $50 now on clearance for $8!!!!!!!!!!!  They also had a medium size (18") on clearance for $12 and a small size (14") on clearance for $12.  Why is the largest size the cheapest price, I have no idea?!  I am guessing that the medium and small size ones will be marked down to the $8 price soon so I am going back next week to see.  The other weird thing was that they had lanterns in Bronze and Black - which look almost identical but they were different prices?!  The large black ones were $8 but a large bronze was $16 - again I am guessing it is only a matter of days before the bronze ones are on sale as well.  I bought a bunch for now and I will just take in my receipt if the price changes.  I went to the Shopko in Bountiful and there are still a bunch there (some different styles too, not just the ones I got) - I can't speak for other Shopko's but I would bet they have them on clearance at all their stores, it is worth looking into. 
This is one of the best clearance priced items I have ever seen!!!!

I plan on hanging a couple of the medium size ones off the house - I'm now on the hunt for a couple of big hooks.   I'll post when that's done.

I also recently found this great planter from Real Deals in Bountiful.  It was 20% off so it was $50.  A lot I know but anything this size is.  I really loved the shape of it and the fact that it is very light weight.

However I did not love the color - but that is always an easy fix.

I simply dipped a wadded up paper towel in white paint and rubbed it all over the planter.  The green topiary I picked up at my brother Jon and his wife Kori's garage sale.  Now I just have to wait for my yard to be finished so that I can start putting these items around the yard.  I think that should just be one more week!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

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