Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Since getting my cushion done for the bench I wanted a pillow that would tie in with the grey.  After looking for weeks in stores I decided to try online.  I went on Etsy and searched "grey and white pillow" and a ton of cute choices came up.  I decided on this one and I love it!  It was $20 for a 18x18 size and only $2.50 to ship.  It came in the mail quickly and I just slipped it over a pillow form.  Man that made shopping so much easier!!!

 Here is the Link

 A few weeks ago I happened onto these pillows at the Centerville Target - I couldn't believe how cute they were (you know I love that trellis pattern).  And on sale for $9!  If you are wanting some I am sad to say the next time I went they were gone, all out online too.  Maybe your store still has them though.

I have a weakness for pillows!

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