Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outdoor Transformation

WE HAVE A YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Before" Backyard:
Before the Deck:

"After" Deck:

Patio and fire pit Construction:

I was thrilled to inherit these cute (and free!) benches from Jon and Kori - love the pop of color against the red brick!  Notice I've got some of my cheap shopko lanterns out there as well.

 Basketball Pad
 Sunk in Trampoline between the Basketball pad and the patio
 Slide off the Deck

We had dirt pushed up against the back side of the patio wall so that we have some hills for the kids to play on and sled on in the winter.

It's not 100% done, there is still some trees that will be planted in the fall and the garden area is about to undergo construction but it is sure nice having gotten this far!!!
I cannot take credit for the design that was done by Paul Keeler from Desert Land Design- he was awesome!  He had some great ideas that in the end I feel were worth way more than he charged!  The Landscapers that implemented the plan were from Bulldog Sod.  We have been very happy with the work and the price of both companies!


  1. WOW Great transformation and I love the crisp white of your house.

  2. Fabulous, Amy! Thanks for posting. I'm a fellow white lover. My only two suggestions for your exterior (and I LOVE the sunken trampoline): I would try larger scale lanterns on either side of the garage doors. Also, what about a large blue star on the stuccoed wall above the smaller garage door? Great work, Amy. Marilyn McJunkin, Bainbridge Island, WA

  3. Believe me when I say this exterior transformation is not complete. I still have big plans- including larger lights by the garage doors - you'll just have to stay tuned if you want to see what else I plan to "transform" on the outside!

  4. You have a slide from your deck. My kids would LOVE you!

  5. I am having backyard envy over here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the scenery. Mountains are my favorite! I love the fire pit and the patio... DREAM! Your house looks amazing! -Mika